Welcome to the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – which stands at 321m – is 14m taller than the Eiffel Tower and only 60m shorter than the Empire State building.

Not known to do anything by halves, the eiderdown duvets used at Burj Al Arab are the finest and rarest in existence. The down is harvested from abandoned eider duck nests in Iceland. One nest provides about 15-20g of eiderdown, and only 2,000kg are allowed to be harvested each year, which is why the duvets are so highly prized. 

Burj Al Arab’s extensive pillow menu is tailor made to enable every guest to get a blissful night’s sleep, with 17 types of pillow available.

Located 280m off the shores of Dubai, Burj Al Arab was built on a man-made island. Guests access it via a bridge road that is 340m long.

Construction began on the iconic landmark in 1994. It took two years to create the island, and then three years to build the hotel itself.

In addition to being the tallest all-suite hotel in the world, in 2008 Burj Al Arab also broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive cocktail, valued at 27,321 AED. It also created the world’s largest tin of caviar in 2016, which contained 17kg of Empress caviar – the world’s only fully-certified organic caviar from native-raised sturgeon.

A team of up to six florists takes about eight hours to create the flower arrangements in the lobby, using flowers shipped from Holland, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand. The flower team always aims to include a guest’s favourite flowers in the floral displays in their suite, creating bespoke arrangements ahead of their arrival.

Approximately 1,790sqm of 24-carat gold leaf was used to embellish the hotel’s opulent interiors.

In 2004, Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad. A year later, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer took to it to play tennis on a makeshift court. In 2013, Chinese world number one players, Long Ma (men’s) and ShiWen Liu (women’s) played the first ever table tennis match on the platform. And more recently, in 2017, professional kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen, jumped off it with his kiteboard, in a death-defying world first.

Francky Semblat at Al Muntaha and Kim Joinié-Maurin at Skyview Bar & Restaurant. Before coming to the hotel, they earned their previous restaurants a combined total of six Michelin stars. Both joined Jumeirah in 2019 to help drive Burj Al Arab as the destination for fine dining in Dubai and to learn from the amazing diversity of cultures in the Emirate.