How To Fit Your Workouts Around A Busy Schedule

by | Jun 6, 2021

We are all busy. Find us someone who can spare all day and workout when they want.

Busy with the kids, with work, housework, the list is endless and we can quickly find excuses for not exercising and staying in shape.

Below we have Five Top Tips for keeping on track because, as we all know, it’s easier to stay fit than to start again;

1. Turn Your Commute Into A Workout

But I work 5 miles away and I haven’t got a change of clothes, I hear you say. Remember, this is a lifestyle choice.

Here’s some ideas on how you can adapt to find the best options;

a) Plan the ideal route – which way would you prefer to go.
b) If there are no washroom facilities, then maybe get a lift to work and then use the return journey as your workout route.
c) If your commute is just too far – find out if there’s any safe areas to park your car and go from this point.
d) Take a minimum amount of gear with you to avoid an excuse of having to carry a large bag etc. Even, have your workout gear under your work outfit.
e) Workout in your lunch hour. You’ll be surprised how energised you’ll be for the remaining working hours.
f) Tell loved ones your expected time of arrival

2. Set Your Alarm Early

If you’re not a morning person then this can prove a test of willpower but the feeling you’ll get from ticking off the workout first thing will be amazing.

Try the following;

a) Keep the alarm away from arm’s reach. Even better, put it in the en suite so you have to get up.
b) Once the alarm goes off, count down from 3 so that you’re making that snap action to get started.
c) Prepare your clothing and equipment before bed. Have everything ready to slip on quickly.
d) If you prefer to fuel up first thing then experiment with quantities and food types to give you optimal performance.

3. Take Your Kids With You

You can have kids of all ages, even teenagers! Take them with you. You can buy strollers for the younger ones, if you’re walking or running and you can purchase bike seats for cycling workouts.

It’s a win-win. You’re getting the exercise but your kids are also getting the fresh air and enjoyment of being with their parent(s) and what’s more, they are being set up for a fit future themselves. It’s a way of life.

The teenagers can also get off their gaming consoles and phones and help with their mental health.

4. Work Out With Friends

Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Combine your work out with your social life.

Having a workout buddy can help motivate you. Working out while having a laugh or a catch up can make working out more fun and you’re more likely to keep at it. What you stick to can form a habit and this is a fab habit to get into.

Have set days and times to meet up. Nobody in the group will want to let anyone down and you can encourage each other when workouts or life isn’t going your way.

5. Find A Virtual Challenge

Virtual Challenges are a great way to add extra motivation to your workouts. Race Venturers have a great selection to choose from, for all abilities. The benefits are;

a) you can use them to train up for an in-person event
b) be part of an online community of likeminded people to support you
c) they can keep you motivated all year round
d) use the interactive maps to track your progress and to keep you engaged
e) you receive a finisher’s medal as a reward
f) not too costly, when you look at the duration of the challenges
g) helps you to build up to something bigger, help you start your fitness journey or maintain.


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