Welcome to Santa Monica Pier and the Start of your challenge


Santa Monica sits west of downtown LA and offers a Pacific-side escape to your everyday routine. Whether it’s grabbing a beer or catching the next big wave, there are tons of activities for all ages.

Before being a coveted vacation spot for many, Santa Monica started as a much smaller getaway spot to provide some escape from the larger Los Angeles area.

Many people commuted on the Pacific Electric Railroad, and Santa Monica gained a lot of attention from being a popular stop for commuters.

Everyone loves pollution reduction and solar-powered technology! One of the best and most environment-friendly Santa Monica facts is the Santa Monica pier is home to the Pacific Wheel, the first solar-powered Ferris wheel.

With all of the attractions along Route 66, finish up your fun in Santa Monica. This road was created to link the two great cities of Chicago and Los Angeles, and Santa Monica was officially chosen as the stopping point of Route 66.

Before it was destroyed in a storm, Santa Monica was home to one of America’s largest ballrooms: La Monica Ballroom. The ballroom was opened in 1924 and could hold over 10,000 dancers. Luckily for those dancers and anyone else working off their calories for the day, Santa Monica is also home to amazing food options.

The Santa Monica pier for looking so good in her old age. The pier is over 100 years old. On September 9, 1909, the pier opened to the public.