Terms & Conditions

Entrants acknowledge that they will only receive a medal and T-Shirt if they complete the stated distance for the race and provide evidence as required when updating workouts/distance. Medals and T-Shirts will be mailed to the address provided on registration.

Entrants declare that they are physically fit and capable of participating in this event and completing the distance they have nominated. They are not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will prevent participation in this event or will affect their health by participation, and acknowledge that Race Venturers accept No liability for any injuries or illness caused or developed as a result of or during the participation of these virtual races/challenges.

Entrants acknowledge that this is a virtual race/challenge and that the organisers will not track or verify results or provide volunteers, marshals or medical personnel assistance to any entrant.

Entrants consent to royalty-free use of their name, result, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to this event, by event organisers.

You further consent to receive information about Race Venturers events and special offers and promotions.

Entry is only valid for the details listed on the checkout form and is not transferable against any other race or challenge.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, entrants release event organisers from all claims connected with participation.

Entrants indemnify the event organiser, sponsors, volunteers, and employees involved in this event directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss or damage connected with the entrant’s participation.

For entries to be valid, entrants must complete the relevant form(s), and pay the required entry fee prior to the commencement of the event.

By entering this event, entrants consent to their personal information being used by the organisers for media publication and announcement of results.

Entrants acknowledge they will participate and complete their nominated distance in a manner chosen by them, at locations chosen by them and at their own risk.

Entrants acknowledge that should they withdraw for a non-medical reason, the entry fee is non-refundable.

Entrants acknowledge that the entry fee for the space in the race and not to ‘purchase’ the race medal and/or T-Shirt. The medal abd T-Shirt is a reward for all completing entrants in the allocated time.

Entrants acknowledge that by entering into a race and providing an email address through PayPal and or Stripe they will be added to our mailing list.

Entrants can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any point by contacting the administrators at admin@raceventurers.com

Evidence cannot be submitted before the opening date of a race. If a race is listed as a particular date you agree to submit evidence between the first and last date of that calendar month.

Evidence of distance/workout must be of appropriate and relevant – if inappropriate evidence is provided with your distance update will be revoked and if you continue to provide inappropriate or relevant evidence then. you will be removed from the race/challenge.

Race Venturers also offer an online community on Social Media platforms and all participants and followers agree to abide by all rules set by the platforms themselves and those of Race Venturers including and not limited to; Abusive and bad behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be removed from all platforms, the race/challenge and blocked from participating in future events immediately

All fees are non-refundable.

Race Venturers have a no refund policy regardless of injury or unavoidable circumstances, transfers to other events may be offered and are subject to availability and at the discretion of Race Venturers. 

If in the event that Race Venturers agree that fees are refundable then refunds are less any processing costs and usage that has been incurred – for example, but not limited to, credit card processing fees, usage fees of software and fees already incurred for Medals and T-shirts etc.

Once any usage has been incurred on the system or the event has begun, the user waives their rights to any cooling off period as per the consumer credit act.

No refunds or exchange of event t-shirt will be given unless it arrives defective. Claim within 3 days of receipt.

Garments to be worn and laundered to recommended instructions 

T-shirts may vary in design and colour to those advertised.

Race Venturers can without prior notice, change any of the virtual challenges and any of its features and benefits 

Routes and route directions could be changed without prior notification

Street view is available where google maps allow. It may not be available throughout the whole of the route and may not be available at all on some routes.

Finisher’s Medals and T-Shorts to arrive as soon as possible after completion, subject to availability. Please allow up to 28 days delivery. No responsibility is taken due to delays in supplier production or postal delays and force majeure. Only medals will be sent for completion within the stated time frame.

Thank you for choosing Race Venturers to participate in your virtual challenge, we hope you enjoy.


For participant/entrants 18 years of age and over:
By completing an order/entry to a race/challenge, I certify I have read and accepted the terms and conditions for participation in this event and I agree that I indemnify Race Venturers, any sponsors, volunteers, and employees involved in these events directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss or damage connected with the my participation.

For participants/entrants under 18 years of age:
By completing an order/entry to a race, I certify I am the parent/guardian of this participant/entrant who is under 18 years of age and I give my consent for them to participate in any of the challenges/events purchased and entered..  I accept the terms and conditions for participation in this event on behalf of the entrant and declare them as capable of completing the distance they have nominated and I agree that I indemnify Race Venturers, any sponsors, volunteers, and employees involved in these events directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss or damage connected with the my participation.