TOWER TO TOWER virtual Challenge

– 484 miles in 12 months

Plant a Tree Included

Finisher's Medal

Digital Completion Certificate

Interactive Map with Street View

Unlock Postcards along the route

Plus much more...


Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Tower to Tower Virtual Challenge

The Tower to Tower Challenge is an exciting challenge. Starting your journey at the Blackpool Tower, donning your ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Hat, you will race your way through the English counties, across the English Channel before ending your journey at one of the world’s iconic landmarks – the Eiffel Tower.

This is the challenge of fitness and fun. 484miles (779km) in up to 12 months. A race of huge rewards. Ready?

Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Street View

Track yourself and others on your journey. Use the interactive map to check your progress and zoom in to see exactly your position. See your pic on the map and take snapshots next to Landmarks.

Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Unlock Digital Postcards

As you progress along your route, you will unlock various digital postcards and messages of support. Once you hit milestones or points of interest you will receive unexpected surprises to keep you spurred on to help keep you motivated.

Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Facebook Community

Simply click and join our Private Facebook Group and be part of a supportive community. Get inspired, motivated and make likeminded friends.

Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Track Any Distance

You can workout as many times as you like and you can upload and track your distance unlimited times. You can swim, walk, run, use your wheelchair, use your activity on your devices, your treadmill distance, row, use your exercise or workout app, in fact anything you can take a pic or screenshot of and then simply upload using our form. 

What Are You
Waiting For?

Get started now and share your journey, take selfies and get inspired and inspire others as you virtually travel along the route.


Race Venturers | Virtual Challenges with medals

Challenge Medal on Completion



WHAT you get?


As you move along your journey, unlock a range of motivating postcards and interesting landmarks. Each postcard reveals interesting information about points along the route to keep you motivated and entertained. Download them to keep or share on your social media.


Track yourself and others moving along the route and see yourself getting closer to the finish line. Even better still, you can zoom in to Street View level (on selected routes). What entertaining sights can you find? Share your adventures in the community or on your social media.

Multiple activity types

Workout as many times as you like and simply upload your screen shot or pic and you're moving! No need to total them up manually, each activity can be submitted via the online form.

You have no restrictions to how you achieve the distance, so Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle or register a Wheelchair or Elliptical workout. Perfect for those who like a variety.


You have the opportunity to join our community on Facebook and on our Strava club.

Make friends, share tips and advice, share your achievements and genuinely engage with like minded people with the same end goal.

You may enter this for yourself but you're never by yourself.


As part of your challenge, we will also Plant A Tree on your behalf with the help of our partnership with Tees Not Trees. We are advocates of sustainability, and by supporting this cause, we can do our part to help climate change by reducing the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

We would all love clean air to breathe, right?

Finisher's Digital Certificate

We all like to be recognised for a job well done, and we will be the first to acknowledge the incredible achievement of your successful virtual challenge completion. As soon as you have completed your challenge you will receive a personalised, digital certificate delivered straight to your email inbox so you can download and print it out and share it with the world! Be proud!


When you complete your challenge, we know how important it is to you to have a reward, and so you will receive your very own physical bit of 'bling' in the form of a challenge specific finishers medal.

Why not collect them all?!

Finisher's t-shirt

As well as your finisher's medal you will also receive a finisher's t-shirt!

This challenge specific t-shirt is sent out to you along with your finisher's medal upon successful completion of your selected virtual challenge.




Tower to Tower virtual challenge
484 miles in 12 months

are you ready to take on the challenge?